Gok Cooks Chinese

Gok Cooks Chinese

in KITCHEN TALK June 26, 2012

Not quite the Naked Chef but Gok Cooks Chinese gave us all something to think about - ditch the take-away and make our own, healthy version.

He's gone from queen of the catwalk to queen of the kitchen and shown us all how a little knowledge and just a little time could have our mouths watering for our own Chinese concoctions.

Gok Cooks Chinese may have finished last night but your own Chinese culinary journey could just be starting, grab yourself a wok, pan, baking-tray or any other cooking device and let your imagination run wild.

Gok shows us that Chinese food doesn't have to be 'cheffy' and everyone can do it, so what are you waiting for?
See Gok's recipes here.